What is truth? ...Pilate asked


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Dark Reflection

Lived a good life I thought:
Kind to my mates
And few were my hates;
Worked hard
Never dropped my guard.

Lived a good life I thought:
Slept about
Spaced out,
Enjoyed my money
Wife, kids, milk and honey.

Lived a good life I thought:
Stamped on heads to climb the ladder —
Did it really matter?
Ouch! — found just one judge and jury
And my selfish life brought fury.

Lived a good life I thought:
But now I'm in the abyss
Screams and the torturer's hiss,
Life's riches in the drain
Replaced by unearthly pain.

Lived a good life I thought:
Pity I found God just too late,
I'd be in heaven now if I'd made Jesus my mate;
And as I scream about my mistake in hell
I write a burning letter to tell...


Living a good life is so far from the truth.

© msl 1998