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the thiefCrucified Thief © 2005 Maureen Carter

An early death
for my wretched life —
my flesh
and soul
nailed to the cursed tree.

Trampled everyone
for my gain:
robbed the rich
and robbed the poor —
this death deserved.

Gestas, hard-hearted accomplice,
mocks and curses
the gentle man,
the scourged 'king',
nailed between us.

In hills and valleys,
this man, Jesus, preached
the kingdom of God.
Once, I listened,
then walked away.
Now this man is crucified for no crime.
The nails bite deeper, the agony
pierces my soul.

A chief priest, highness of the temple,
walks by, looks upward
and scorns the bleeding man.
And the retort?

My heart breaks:
Jesus, remember me when
you come into your kingdom.

The Gospel of Luke, 23:42

© msl 2004